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Fall 2016 > Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Major websites such as Facebook and Twitter are popular for their constant influx of information every second of every day. According to Zephoria Inc., a digital marketing company, an estimated 1.71 billion people actively use Facebook, and 1.13 of those billion users log on at least once every day.
Knowing that you can easily access this many consumers, who would not want to take advantage of social media to promote their business? Inc. com came up with 30 tips to help businesses navigate the busy and ever changing world of social media. We’ve narrowed down the list and picked out five of what we believe are the most important and critical tips to help you take the plunge. 
  1. Sneak Previews
Remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat?” If you massage a sneak peek the right way, it can have the opposite effect. People love to be enticed. By providing a little temptation, you will build demand for your product. These glimpses into new products can also translate into receiving good or bad feedback if you take the preview idea and use it differently. Turn it into a testing tool and gain valuable insight to your audience’s likes and dislikes.
  1. Interact with your visitors
Your public craves interaction from you. After all, they commented on the post for a reason. Even if it’s just a simple statement, take the time to interact with them. This also goes hand in hand with making amends in a timely fashion. Customer Service 101 entails listening to an unhappy customer, diffusing the situation, and then swiftly fixing the problem.
  1. If you don’t have anything nice to say…
It’s tempting to blast competing companies via social media. You know that you offer higher quality products than they do or that you have better customer service. Refrain from name-calling or doling out negative reviews of someone else on a public platform. You could easily find yourself in a courtroom.
  1. And if you DO have something nice to say…
Be sure that you aren’t posting fake reviews in order to improve word of mouth on your company. Doing that can also land you in hot water. Tracking an IP address is easily done, and what you think is your little secret won’t remain that way for long. Falsely boosting your company’s reputation is not only unethical, but it is also very much illegal.
  1. Reward loyalty
Social Media is a promoter’s paradise. It is much more convenient (and not to mention free!) to promote campaigns on Facebook or Twitter rather than sending coupons through snail mail. You don’t even have to kill trees anymore. Instead, you can utilize digital offers that can be sent to someone’s smartphone and even scanned directly from their device, too.
Overall, social media has been a blessing to businesses. You can quickly and simply connect to millions if not billions of consumers in the blink of an eye. You have the option to extend your reach to the ends of the earth. It’s easy, it’s often free, and it’s always turned on. Even when you are not online, someone is, and it’s YOUR company that they’re seeing. Put your best foot forward. Take these tips, and make social media work for you!
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