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Deconstructing Millennials’ preferences, habits, and values for the optometric practice: Part 3


Social media marketing is no longer optional-- it's necessary to reach the most influential demographic of consumers. Whether you have already established a social media presence, or you're still developing a strategy, here are some tips that your eyecare office can adopt to engage with your exisitng and potential Millennial customers. 

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As Email Evolves, Your Email Marketing Strategy Must, Too


Email's decentralized nature has allowed it to evolve and address market and user demands. What was once a basic communication platform is now a universal ecosystem. Other than "don't send an email to everyone you possibly can," not all email marketing rules have been written yet. With particular consumers and massive amounts of data, email marketers can write the new rules.

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Webinars Move Into The Mainstream – Choose Your Producer Wisely


Sponsored webinars emerged in 2015 as a mainstream marketing tool as a means of reaching national engaged and qualified audiences. Marketers, particularly in the vision care industry, have begun to identify and grasp the inherent broad reach and efficiency that a well-managed event delivers. Evidence of this came when PentaVision doubled its number of webinar productions for the third consecutive year in 2015. At roughly the same cost associated with producing one local live seminar, a webinar delivers both content marketing and lead generation programs with polling, surveying, question-and-answer session, post-event archiving, and advertising to national audiences. This trend of burgeoning sponsored webinars illustrates that this marketing tool's time has come.

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