Email newsletters

The E-media team at PentaVision is the most experienced publisher of custom email newsletters in all of business-to-business marketing, having issued the very first sponsored email newsletter in January 1995. In the highly regulated medical marketplace, quality email newsletters deliver valuable, independent topic content that creates a supportive, focused platform for product advertising messages.

Do you have a newsletter topic in mind? Bring your idea to PentaVision for a complete solution — hiring authors, editing content, formatting a template — and then, delivering email newsletters to PentaVision's expansive email subscriber database based on interests in optometry and ophthalmology. Every issue is created in responsive HTML design, which ensures readability and engagement on all mobile platforms. 

Every newsletter is archived on our publication websites in perpetuity, engaging readers over time and generating ad exposures for the sponsoring organization. For details on sponsoring an email newsletter, contact your PentaVision sales representative

Check out these examples: