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Email and Custom Email Initiatives

PentaVision is a pioneer in business-to-business email marketing, offering commercial email blasts supported by a unique reporting program that stands alone in documenting advertising accountability. For 15 years, PentaVision’s Emedia team has refined the techniques of email marketing and created new, customized solutions that have moved email beyond basic direct marketing into the area of integrated content creation. By integrating print and digital content creation with the most robust email capability in the industry, PentaVision email solutions stand apart.


PentaVision management has been publishing successful, sponsored email newsletters since 1995. Skilled in creating engaging content authored by industry experts and in building involved subscriber audiences, PentaVision now produces over a dozen weekly and monthly email newsletters targeting specific content categories within its marketplaces.

Web Banners

Websites deeply populated with specific content have enabled PentaVision’s six magazine websites to become extensively indexed by Internet search engines. The company’s many outbound email messages in support of its site contents and other activities drive traffic directly. Sophisticated SEO strategies and the evolution of new mobile apps have worked to further extend the reach of the website content and advertising. PentaVision websites significantly advance the individual magazine audiences, building readership via both reach and frequency, while creating new advertising platforms and innovative messaging opportunities for its many banner sponsors.


PentaVision integrates its branding and subscriber databases with virtual event technology to produce a strong foundation for sponsored webinars. Skilled in utilizing multimedia marketing to attract registrants, PentaVision’s mastery of webinar production extends beyond registration and into audience development at the event itself. Beyond the event, PentaVision webinars are marketed in their archived versions to extend sponsor return-on-investment. PentaVision is a turnkey webinar provider from audience development, engagement and through to event archiving. Visit the webinar archive to view past events through the toolbar on one of the PentaVison magazine websites.

Social Media

In addition to its more traditional emedia programs, PentaVision also reaches niche eyecare markets via social media websites. Both Eyecare Business and New O.D. share the latest news, thought-provoking topics and entertaining professional tidbits with their respective audiences. PentaVision’s proprietary meetings also share important information with eyecare professionals on their respective Facebook pages. Plans are being made to introduce a social media extension of other PentaVision titles in the near future.

Special Projects

Content marketing is a core PentaVision capability. The company’s special project team manages all aspects of content creation, from event provision and roundtables to authorship, editing, formatting, transcription, production and distribution of special project content. Each year, this group manages over 100 special projects and delivers on time and on budget. Contact PentaVision for samples of our work and speak to us about your needs or requirements – chances are good that PentaVision has the experience and capabilities to produce your content or key opinion leader (KOL) project completely with impeccable quality in print, online or as a fully integrated package.